BRANDS division

European Brands and Licenses (EUBL) is also a licensing agency that employs a team of professionals with thirty years of experience in brand management and quality control of licensing projects.

For more than 10 years, the Ministry of Defense has made use of the professionals currently operating in EUBL, as WORLDWIDE MASTER LICENSEE of the Marina Militare e Esercito Italiano (Navy and Italian Army) brands and since 2012 also for the Aeronautica Militare (Air Force) and the Frecce Tricolori.
For these important institutions the agency holds licensees who sell the lines dedicated to the coats of arms; among others Breitling, Zenith and Memphis Belle for watchmaking, Cristiano di Thiene, ICCAB and L’Officina della Moda for clothing, Maxenworld for footwear, Zippo for lighters, Ziel for binoculars, Campagnolo brothers for bathrobes and plaid, RCS – Gazzetta dello Sport and Hachette for publishing, Force + for energy drinks, Giemme for military objects, The professionals of EUBL manage the Brand MILANO, enhanced by products inspired by the creativity of design and technological innovation that have made this city famous all over the world. Among the companies that have so far joined the project are MyChef Ristorazione, Loison, Brivio and Bont√†, Tucano, Zaini Cioccolato, Taurus Bicycles, X-I Wear, Rosso Ciliegia.

The new Official Store of Piazza San Babila clearly expresses the echnological and innovative contents of the materials that are the basis of the value of the Milan Brand. The shop in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (video) identifies the brand as central in the future image of the city.

Finally in 2017 the decision to open a new office in Croatia for the development of new international territories.

Furthermore, for many years EUBL has dedicated itself to the management of brands in the world of fashion and lifestyle. He currently manages the projects related to Primatist, MV Agusta, O’Brady and ANMI’s National Association of Italian Sailors.

Sport is also important for the activity, with the U.C. Brand. Sampdoria as Worldwide Master Licensee and F.C. Juventus as licensing advisor.